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Promotion for Superbird 1 Superbird 1 (Platform)(See By Itself)
In this silly virtual reality, Superbird fights against all odds to save the world from…well, we'll figure out that part later. Inspired by classic 3D platforming / action games.
Released: 2016-09-14; 674 days ago.
Last updated: 2018-03-06; 136 days ago.

Price: Free
[Download (Full Version)]
Required: [Google Cardboard headset][Game Controller]

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Promotion for Davidi Run Davidi Run (Platform)(See By Itself)
A runner game made for members of my family, each getting four levels as a birthday present every year. To be updated on said birthdays (playable on Android and web)
Released: 2017-11-06; 256 days ago.
Last updated: 2018-02-26; 144 days ago.

Price: Free
[Download (Full Version)]

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