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Promotion for Mutti's Cube Puzzle Mutti's Cube Puzzle (Puzzle)(See By Itself)[Play on PC]
A recreation of the old mother's day gift. Pick up cubes to unlock puzzles through mazes!

Released: 2019-06-18; 9 months ago.
Last updated: 2019-09-23; 6 months ago.

Price: Free
[Download (Full Version)]
Required: [Google Cardboard headset][Single Dash Finch Controller]
Promotion for Becky Breakout Becky Breakout (Puzzle)(See By Itself)[Play on PC]
A version of Breakout with piercing balls, short paddles, long paddles, portals, and death traps
Released: 2014-07-19; 5 years ago.
Last updated: 2015-08-20; 4 years ago.

Price: Free
[Download (Full Version)]

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