Promotion for Davidi Run Davidi Run (Platform)(Get Game URL)
A runner game made for members of my family, each getting four levels as a birthday present every year. To be updated on said birthdays (playable on Android and web)
Released: 2017-11-06; 109 days ago.
Last updated: 2018-01-04; 50 days ago.

Price: Free
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Promotion for Superbird 1 Superbird 1 (Platform)(Get Game URL)
In this silly virtual reality, Superbird fights against all odds to save the world from…well, we'll figure out that part later. Inspired by classic 3D platforming / action games.
Released: 2016-09-14; 527 days ago.
Last updated: 2017-12-21; 64 days ago.

Price: Free
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Required: [Google Cardboard headset][Game Controller]
Promotion for Hannah Banana Hannah Banana (Platform)(Get Game URL)
Well, Hannah, how many bananas can you eat? Happy belated birthday by the way. The game goes on until you fail to eat 3 bananas.
Released: 2017-08-05; 202 days ago.
Last updated: 2017-08-05; 202 days ago.

Price: Free
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