As mentioned before, do not get the MOGA controller unless you have no problem cleaning out hard drive space every 3 days of use. While granted it only takes a few minutes, it's VERY annoying.

How to set up your controller

  1. Turn on Moga and pair Moga using Bluetooth setting in your phone. Moga is named BD&A in your device selection page.
  2. Do not use the app that comes with the MOGA controller. It will not work with any of my games.
    Install Moga Universal Driver and Moga VK. In Moga VK, you must set up a profile for every game I make that supports this controller. You don't need to map the controls to anything- my systems account for all possible profiles.
  3. Open the Moga universal driver. Enable Bluetooth, go to manage controller, select your controller & tap back, then make sure your controller is selected. Switch to the MOGA virtual keyboard and enable the driver.
  4. When you're done playing the game, go back to the MOGA driver app, turn off bluetooth (or it will eat your battery) and switch your keyboard back to the original keyboard.

Clearing phone memory

To clear the phone, follow these steps: (may vary depending on your device)

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